Thermapan Structural Insulated Panels


Nick – Welland, Ontario | Homeowner

The framers have the walls on the second floor 90% complete. The panels are so solid. There was no bracing and the panels hardly moved. Every time I go the site, I don’t want to leave because I’m so impressed and happy my home is built with the panels.

Tracy H. – Port Hope, Ontario | Homeowner

My husband and I built our new home with Thermapan SIPs and have now lived in it for about a year and a half.

There is no question that this house is easier to heat than our old one. Both houses are heated with natural gas, however, our new SIP home has twice the living space as our old one. From our natural gas bills we were able to calculate that it takes only half the amount of natural gas to heat our new SIP home as compared to our old conventionally built home.

So, we are now heating twice as much living space for half of the cost. You can’t beat that!

Also, we find that this house is far cozier than our old drafty house.

Now, whenever I drive by a new house, being built the old fashioned way, I can’t help but feel sorry for the unfortunate people who will live in it and wonder why they didn’t use Thermapan SIPs.

John & Kathy – Q. Cameron, Ontario | Homeowner

We have been in our new home for almost a year now. Our utilities for heat and hydro have been cut in half. We thoroughly enjoy our SIP basement as well – no musty concrete smell or odours. It’s a very comfortable feeling with no humidity either.

We can’t say enough about how happy we are in our home. If we ever build again, it will be a Thermapan home!

Lawrence T. – Haliburton, Ontario | Homeowner

I started putting up my panels today. WHAT A GREAT SYSTEM!!!! My wife and I had no difficulty or confusion from the get go.

Joseph C. – Mississauga, Ontario | Homebuilder

Thermapan SIPs always result in vertical straight walls. They’re easy to install and it’s easy to hang drywall. They have excellent sound insulation and make for sturdy, solid walls.

The energy savings are substantial. On a recent project, the original home was approximately 1,000 sq ft and cost $1,400 in 2002 to heat. Its replacement, a new SIP-built home, was 4,100 sq ft, yet heating only cost $1,400 in 2004.

This was the first time we’ve built with Thermapan SIPs, and I would definitely use them in the future.

Ted Lillico – Discovery Dream Homes | Homebuilder

Well, my foundation SIPs are up! I’m very impressed with how they went together…we had the spline already installed in them and the windows cut-out before standing them.

In seven hours we (3 guys) had all but one in place (37 pcs)!

Rod M. – Thorold, Ontario | Homebuilder

Things are going pretty well with my project. Once we placed a few panels ourselves and saw how easy it was we just kept going. The wood foundation is quite impressive and is generating a lot of interest.

When people stop they get a brief lecture on the benefits of a permanent wood foundation built with Thermapan, then I refer them to your website.

I love your product and am looking forward to doing another house in the not too distance future. Thanks for all your support.