Thermapan Structural Insulated Panels

Gatta Homes

Project Overview

Date1998 - Today

Solutions for Gatta Homes

With a 12-year history of creating quality homes, Gatta Homes is Niagara’s premier residential builder with a proven track record of outstanding craftsmanship and service.

In a region known for its natural beauty, Gatta Homes’ reputation for attention to detail is unmatched. With a portfolio of over 180 homes in Niagara-on-the-Lake and the surrounding area, Gatta is committed to using only the best construction materials to build homes of distinction.

Gatta Homes’ President, Kekoo Gatta, takes pride in the innovative design of his homes, which he describes as “unique and bold.” Inspired by the latest trends in residential designs in Europe, Gatta offers discriminating customers something different from traditional track-built homes that have become standard in North American suburbs.

With its reputation for quality and craftsmanship, Gatta Homes entrusted its framing needs to Thermapan in 1998.

Since that time, favourable customer response and exceptional performance have led to a dynamic partnership. Gatta relies on Thermapan Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for wall systems on all designs and models.

“When we chose to partner with Thermapan, great interest was created among the home buying public,” says Mr. Gatta. “We have had repeat requests and inquiries, and many interested clients visit in person to tour homes built with Thermapan SIPs.”

This groundbreaking decision – Gatta was one of the first Ontario home-builders to utilize this revolutionary building system as a standard building material -produces real benefits for both the homebuilder and the homeowner.

Construction Benefits

Thermapan SIPs allow Gatta Homes to expedite the building process by more than 2 weeks. Installation is fast and straightforward, cutting down on lengthier building times associated with traditional wall systems and lowering labour costs. Thermapan SIPs provide other benefits. A solid system replaces the conventional 2X6 exterior frame, creating a stronger and straighter wall. There are fewer callbacks once the home is built, creating greater efficiencies and savings.

The exceptional strength of Thermapan SIPs means a more flexible building design with superior axial load-bearing properties, even distribution and increased load capacity. Because the SIP is straighter, it allows more flexibility in its interior finishing, such as fastening cabinetry. Job sites are also cleaner and more efficiently organized.

“With Thermapan SIPs, we incur less waste on the job site. Once built, the home is quieter and stronger with straighter walls. Since we began using Thermapan SIPs we have had no call backs on screw pops or cracks, even in winter built homes. Our sub-trades have seen the benefits of working with Thermapan SIPs and they are all very happy with this choice,” explains Mr. Gatta.

Homeowner Benefits

Compared to traditional stick built dwellings, Gatta homes using Thermapan SIPs offer customers valuable savings and peace of mind.

The Thermapan system can save the customer 30 to 35 percent in energy costs each year. It also provides an exceptional return on investment, as homeowners quickly earn back their initial investment with outstanding savings in heating and air conditioning costs alone. Not to mention that homes built with Structural Insulated Panels typically command a higher price on the resale market.

“Our customers are quickly learning these benefits. More than half request SIPs upfront during the design stage, and many more are sold on the system after a little research,” Mr. Gatta notes.

Furthermore, the thick foamcore used in the panels produces a quieter home and the air-tight materials reduce dry rot and mould, eliminating key factors that cause Sick House Syndrome.

“Since we started building with Thermapan SIPs’ we’re in a totally different class of builder. Customers see us at the leading-edge of technology and as an elite builder,” Mr. Gatta says.